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Our History​

On April 10, 1973, in the city of Jacinto Machado/SC, Indústria de Balas INDIA began, having as founding partners the brothers Albino Zanatta and Elói Zanatta.
The objective was and will be to produce and industrialize nutritious and good quality food, providing satisfaction and well-being. Following the principles of the founders, we continue to gain credibility with customers, employees and partners, always with a focus on the quality of our products.
The traditional Banana Candy INDIA, our first and main product has always been a highlight! A product that can only stay on the market for all this time if it has quality and satisfaction approved by customers, but always innovating, in the last 7 years we have launched 9 products, with the Mission to offer the best candys, with the quality that everyone deserves!
Balas INDIA, producing with love, from ours to your family!

Product Lines

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Banana candies

Banana ZERO Sugar

Quebra Queixo candies

Banana with Chocolate

Hard candies


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(48) 3535-1186


Rua Albio Zanatta, n° 43
Jacinto Machado / SC